Cloud Gate

July 4, 2007




Schedule: Artist selected: 1999, Completion: Summer 2005

Size: 110 tons, 10 m high x 12.8 wide x 20 m long

Owner: City of Chicago

Artist:  Anish Kapoor — London, England

Engineer:  Chris Hornzee-Jones – London, England

Fabricator: Performance Structures — Oakland, CA, MTH Industries – Hillside, IL

Project Management: US Equities — Chicago, IL

Millenium Park din Chicago este un centru al artei, arhitecturii, si design-ului, rezultat  din colaborarea dintre orasul Chicago si   comunitatea sa  filantropica.  Millenium Park este un cadou facut locuitorilor orasului Chicago  de catre Boeing, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, Wrigley Foundation si McDonald’s si fundatii filantropice.  Cloud Gate face parte din acest centru, si este poate cea mai populara atractie a sa.

Anish Kapoor about Cloud Gate:

What I wanted to do in Millennium Park is make something that would engage the Chicago skyline…so that one will see the clouds kind of floating in, with those very tall buildings reflected in the work. And then, since it is in the form of a gate, the participant, the viewer, will be able to enter into this very deep chamber that does, in a way, the same thing to one’s reflection as the exterior of the piece is doing to the reflection of the city around.



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