Olympic design: Pininfarina Torch

July 6, 2007



The top part, or head, includes burner elements and supports combustible’s gas canister and valve pressure regulating. The lower one, or body, has to hold the head and to protect components connected and thanks to an opportune components architecture, allows to hold the Torch with hands with out burn danger. Head and body connection occur thanks to balancing pivots and a pressure fixing screw.


  • Lenght: 770 mm (30,31 inches)
  • Maximum Width: 105 mm (4,13 inches)
  • Weight: 1970 g (about 4,34 libbers ) (with gas canister full), 1857 g (about 4,09 libbers) (with out gas canister).

Combustion System

  • It is internal with double burning chamber in order to give stability to the flame in different adverse weather conditions.
  • Is designed in order to avoid phenomenon of flame return on gas pipes and to guarantee users safety.
  • It has not an ignition system because every Torches is lighted by the Olympic fire of the previous one during torch bearers relay.

There is an internal vaporisation system and a gas flow pressure regulator in order to guarantee flame’s invariability in different adverse weather conditions.

There is a thermical isolating system between combustion chamber and combustible chamber through a composite plate that combine shell’s fixing system in order to minimize components number and weight.


  • External shell: Shell casting aluminium alloy
  • Internal Mechanical Components: High-heat resistant steel and techno polymer for thermally insulating
  • Burner, Gas Pipes and Pressure Regulating Components: brass and copper alloys
  • Pressurized Gas Canister: Standard gas canister for spray in aluminium with threaded juncture.
  • Exterior Finish: texturized to improve grip e painting with polymeric resin flam and high temperature resistant
    Internal Gas: hydrocarbon mixture (40% propylene, 60% butane)




  • Employment’s temperature: From -4°F to +77°F
  • Use’s altitude: Up to 3,10 miles o.s.l.
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 74,56 MPH
  • Least Autonomy: 15 minutes
  • Weather Resistance: resistance on rain, storm and snow is guarantee

The Torch realized by Pininfarina is a concentrate of competence of the well-know Torino’s brand, Official Supplier of Torino 2006.

In base of the partnership with Toroc, in fact Pininfarina is responsible of the design, the engineering and the production of 12.000 numbered Olympic Torch and 150 Paralympic Torch. Compared to the Torch of Athens 2004, the flame designed by Pininfarina had to respect requirement far stricter. The performances required by Toroc, suggested also by the problems come up with the Athens’ Torch, had leaded to prefer a fine-looking flame with great visibility and resistance to a more fragile and light one. More in details, the requirements for the Olympic Torch by Pininfarina were: visibility to the distance of 100 meters also in the daylight, resistance to rain, snow, temperatures from –20°C to +25°C, to the wind up to 120 km/h to altitudes up to 5000 meters.

In December Pininfarina’s Torch obtained the award “Lorenzo il Magnifico”, the highest recognition of the Biennale, with the following motivation: ”Lorenzo de Medici ‘Il Magnifico’ bows before the beauty of pure synthesis of the Olympic Torch born from the multiform Turin-type genius and from the sublime Master of design, Pininfarina”.



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