Saustall vs S(ch)austall

July 15, 2007


Foto: Stephanie Naumann

Arhitect: fnp

Proiect: transformarea unui grajd pentru porci (saustall) in showroom (schaustall)

fnp architekten about this project:

It was originally assigned to refurbish the 1780 built stable and to reorganize it as a showroom. this small building was partly destroyed during the 2. world war, reerrected and supplemented in the course of the time. The substance was in such a bad manner, a refurbishment not eligible for financing. a new building at the same place with the same volume was impossible due to the fact that the site is to close to a countrystreet. And then: a house in a house, a hundret times varied topic. a timber building in a stone house, nowhere in contact with the existing and nevertheless protecting the old part with its roof, independent but with a copy of the old facade . Like a casting of the old it results in irritations in the inside, because the visitor does not know why one windows sits in the bottom right corner, or another is so small. The pigs didn´t think about it. At night one gets an impression of an old wreck with a new and warm interior. Visitors have a look into the gap between wood and old wall, squat on the flor and try to have a view to the outside… they experience the building and its history, there is no longer simply a ruin… and effects to obtain with little.



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