Contrapunct vs T-Mobile

January 8, 2008


The German telecom company T-Mobile is claiming the color magenta (or #FF0090 or RGB alias 255-0144) !

T-Mobile started sueing companies Compello, Slam FM, 100% NL which use magenta in website, print and commercial campaigns. and they are urging our website, contrapunct to quit using magenta in our website favicon.




Is the colorspectrum free? Not at all, Deutsche Telecom not only trademarked magenta, they also have a trademark on the use of their two 2 color logo…(read more).

“Don’t worry trademarks only apply to the industry sector that they are registered under and since DT applied for their trademark in the tele-communications sector you just can’t use the color magenta around anything to do with phones, digital media… oh and just about anything on the internet”…(read more).



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