Banksy vs Hirst

January 28, 2008


UP: Banksy (Defaced Hirst), Keep it spotless, 2007. Keep It Spotless is a Damien Hirst Pharmaceutical (spot) painting which Banksy has defaced. @bansky

DOWN: Damien Hirst, LYCERGIC ACID DIETHYLAMIDE, 2000. Damien Hirst about his spot (pharmaceutical) paintings:

I see every spot within each painting as being alone yet together with all the other spots; I can find the pieces sad or happy, or even dumb. I think I’ll always make them. Each painting is named after a drug alphabetically but I probably won’t keep doing it alphabetically. It feels a bit restricting. And they’re a bit childish-a bit like sweets (smarties) or drugs. I had my stomach pumped as a child because I ate pills thinking they were sweets.


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