Contrapunct reveals a new gold thracian bracelet


Contrapunct reveals a new gold Thracian bracelet, unknown to the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

Contrapunct is raising some questions referring to the Romanian Ministry of Culture recovery affair of eight gold bracelets, attributed to be Dacian.

Let’s suppose that bracelets are authentic. Without no doubt, this is among the greatest Romanian archaeological discoveries. Currently, the Ministry of Culture is actively involved in this affair and already recovered eight bracelets.
But, the prices they claimed to have been payed to the owners of bracelets, raises some questions. The Ministry of Culture claimed to have been paid less than Eur 100,000 for a bracelet, which is accordingly to contrapunct
sources, questionable. This claimed price for unique ancient masterpieces, when a museum or a national authority is interested in, is a truly bargain, as no one would be interested to sell one for less than one million euro. If this is the correct price, why the owners sold them, when they can get at least ten times more?

Furthermore, in this case it is advisable that the government should make an amnesty settlement with all individuals involved in illegal archaeological excavations, and trading of the bracelets. Only in this case, they might be all recovered from the free market, as we all, I hope, chose to see these masterpieces in a museum, rather than some smugglers into prison for few years. But, as we know, there is no real interest in making a settlement with the smugglers.

(…to be continued)